How to check if the CRDE Certificate is Valid?

I have question about CRDE Certification.

About CRDE: The Certified Rooms Division Executive certification provides industry-validated recognition that you provide excellent management of every aspect of the modern rooms division the AHLEI (American Hotel and Lodging Education Institute).

We have awarded CRDE certificate, how can we check our record or document in AH&LA website? How can we let the interviewer trust us and our qualification is not fake.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

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As far as I know, you can not check it on the internet or by calling some numbers, no way to check?

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Just a word of caution if you are a student from India then please stay away from any AHLA and AH&LA courses. Because their courses are not accredited by the UGC or AICTE. That means there is not validity for your certificates in case if you want to use those to Migrate or apply for a PR to countries like Canada, Australia etc or for that matter you cannot work with any government tourism company as these certificates are invalid.

Here is the pdf which I downloaded from the official AICTE website:
AICTE Unapproved Institutes List.pdf (915.1 KB)

Open pdf and search for AHLA you will be surprised to see all of the AHLA courses are invalid!!!