How much do bellman make?

How much do bellman make?

Salary + tips + (service charge + other perks … depends on the property)
Tips - It depends actually
There are many factors to look into, for concluding how much a bellman earns

  1. Place – UK, Japan, Mexico etc. – location of the property
  2. Type of hotel – business hotel, leisure hotel
  3. Category of the hotel – star category like 3 / 4 / 5 stars
  4. Size of hotel – no of rooms
  5. Occupancy of the hotel – depends on the season if it’s a tourist destination

The salary for a bellman is different in each country. A bellman makes avg. $12 per hr that makes a total of $2k to $2.5k per month plus $ 200 to $500 as tips.
In short in the US, a bellman earns approx 2.5k to 3k per month.

Am not sure about bellman’s package in other countries.

Looks like it’s a pretty decent package in the US.
Asian countries don’t pay much for bellboys.