How many types of Front Office?

Do we have different types of the front office?

If we take hospitality/hotel into consideration, I believe there is only one type of front office? The department which is at the front of the hotel, ie reception is a must for any kind of hotel. Maybe the standards differ with brands, classification, etc.

Hi… I think the types of the front office can be 3 types …
1.On-premise hotel front office – regular front office with proper staff and computer + server.
2. Hybrid hotel front office – new system or trend for a budget class hotel with limited service (self-check-in system – just one employee will be monitoring things)
3. Cloud hotel front office – this is basically the software for reservation, reception, etc., here hotel doesn’t require a server but definitely need employees and the system and procedure is the same as the on-premise front office, here hotel front office requires only a computer and internet.

.Thanks … So it’s basically software types, not on front office service in physical.

There are different types of check-in followed in hotels

  1. in-room check-in
    Guest will be taken to the room and then the registration card is filled
  2. express check-in
    All details of the guest are collected before arrival and the registration card is already filled and kept ready at reception, the guest just need to sign the registration card and go to the room.
  3. regular check-in for FIT
  4. Group check-in
    One registration card is used for a group in the name of the group leader by collecting the details separately and check-in will be shown later individually.

How many types of Front office?
There are many different types of ‘guests’… [image][image]

whatever, the guest has to check-in @ FO, stay, settle the amount, and check-out @FO, no other way [image][image]