How many types of chefs in hotels?

How many types of chefs in hotels?

There will be one Executive chef followed by an Executive sous chef who is second in charge of the whole kitchen/ production department of the hotel.
Types of chefs depend on the type of restaurant in the hotel, if there are many restaurants in the hotel, then there will be many chefs

Executive chef – Who is responsible for everything related to the kitchen in the hotel.

Head Chef(Chef de Cuisine) – Who performs the task the same as the executive chef in his absence.

Below Executive Chef and Head Chef (Chef de Cuisine) – there will an Executive Sous Chef

Below Exe. Sous Chef – there are Chef de Partie (CDP)
Chef de Partie (CDP) is in charge of that particular area (eg Chinese / Indian / Conti / Pastry etc)
Chef de Partie’s (CDP) are also called as a line cook or main cook of that particular section
For free-standing specialty restaurants, CDPs perform the duty of Sous Chef.

Below CDP – there will be a demi chef de parties (DCDP) – second in charge

Below DCDP – there are Commis 1

Below Commis 1 – there are Commis 2

Below Commis 2 – there are Commis 3

Below Commis 3 – Apprentice cook / Trainee cook

Chef de parties (CDP) in hotels are known as chefs - below are the types of chefs in hotels.

Sauté Chef (Saucier) – Responsible for all sautéed items and their sauce. This is usually the highest position of all the stations.
Fish Chef (Poissonier) – Prepares fish dishes and often does all fish butchering as well as appropriate sauces. This station may be combined with the saucier position.
Roast Chef (Rotisseur) – Prepares roasted and braised meats and their appropriate sauce.
Grill Chef (Grillardin) – Prepares all grilled foods, this position may be combined with the rotisseur.
Fry Chef (Friturier) – Prepares all fried items, position may be combined with the rotisseur position.
Vegetable Chef (Entremetier) – Prepares hot appetizers and often prepares the soups, vegetables, pastas and starches. In a full brigade system, a potager would prepare soups and a legumier would prepare vegetables.
Roundsman (Tournant) – Also referred to as a swing cook, fills in as needed on station in the kitchen.
Pantry Chef (Garde Manger) – They are responsible for preparing cold foods, including salads, cold appetizers, pâtés and other charcuterie items.
Butcher (Boucher) – Butchers meats, poultry and sometimes fish. May also be responsible for breading meats and fish.
Pastry Chef (Pâtissier) – Prepare baked goods, pastries and desserts. In larger establishments, the pastry chef often supervises a separate team in their own kitchen or separate shop.

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