How many hotel rooms in Orlando?

How many hotel rooms in Orlando?

Orlando is the No. 1 most visited destination in the U.S., so we need a lot of hotel rooms to accommodate the 72 million-plus annual visitors. In fact, Central Florida has more than 450 hotels with 121,005-plus guest rooms.

Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center - Phoenix has the most hotels – 597, while Orlando has the second-highest number of hotel rooms with 144,125.

All central Florida is a tourist area so that the hotels that feed the Orlando theme parks are endless. Kissimmee is close to Disney and has endless giant time-share complexes.

“Orlando” - are we talking about the Orlando city limits? That number will be smaller than the Orlando metro area because it doesn’t account for Disney World.

Within the city limits about 120,000 but in the Orlando area, within driving distance of the parks, a lot more.