How many department in hotel kitchen?

How many department in hotel kitchen?

Basically, the main kitchen is divided into the following sections:
The hot sections (the main cooking areas) Still rooms.
The vegetable preparation area.
The cold section.
The pastry/ bakery section.
The butchery section.
The larder.
Temporary kitchen.

The Stewarding department also comes under F&B production.

Following are the major departments or sections in a hotel kitchen

Hot-foods section
Roast section
Sauce /Grill/Fry section
Fish section
Soup station
Soup station

Cold kitchen / Garde – Manger/ Larder
Hors d’oeuvre section
Salad preparation
Juice pantry
Sandwich station
Showpiece preparation

Bakery & Confectionery section
Mixing station
Dough holding and proofing
Dough rolling section
Baking and cooling
Dessert preparation
Plating desserts section

Banquet section
Bulk cooking
Dry heat cooking (roasting, broiling)
Holding and Pick up section

Room Service kitchen
Grill station
Fry station
Hot Range section

Receiving Section - Weighing and checking

Wash Up (Pot/Plate) - Plate house & Pot Wash

Stores - Dry, Refrigerator and Deep freezer.