How many chefs have michelin stars?

How many chefs have Michelin stars? Are there any Michelin chefs in India?

Does Michelin star belong to a chef or restaurant?

Michelin star is awarded for restaurants actually. the stars are associated with a restaurant, not the chef. Although the chef obviously has the credit for achieving them.

While food is an important part of obtaining a Michelin star it is only a part of it. The service, ambiance and the whole experience is taken into consideration. So while most people think of the chef and his creations when they think of a Michelin star she/he is only a spoke in the wheel. Seeing that it awarded to the restaurant experience it will stay with the restaurant no matter who is the top chef in the kitchen.

Exactly @1515mepra There’s no such thing as a Michelin-starred chef. Having worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant or even owning a string of three-starred establishments doesn’t make one a Michelin-starred chef - because the term doesn’t technically exist.

Eg: Chefs can’t take off with the stars, nor do the transfer of the star to another restaurant owned by the same chef. If a chef who runs a Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain opens a new restaurant in Hong Kong, this does not automatically make the latter a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Myths about Michelin stars as per Michelin guide are mentioned below - 5 quotes from Michelin guide :

Myths :

  1. The MICHELIN Guide awards stars to the world’s best chefs
  2. The MICHELIN Guide only rates food quality and does not evaluate the service standards or decor of restaurants
  3. The MICHELIN Guide is biased towards French cooking
  4. The MICHELIN Guide is only about fine dining and fancy restaurants
  5. The MICHELIN Guide inspectors aren’t always anonymous

A Michelin starred chef is a head chef who is awarded 1 to 3 stars in the Guide Rouge by Michelin.
Michelin is a Tyre producing company issuing a restaurant guide each year.
Back in 1900, the company started to issue a restaurant guide to give recommendations to car owners in France, then Belgium, other countries followed. In 1909, an English version was available.
Listing only restaurants worth a stop, Michelin began to award fine dining restaurants with a star (which looks rather like a flower) in the 20s and introduced a three-star ranking in the 30s which was defined in 1936 as the following:

  1. 1 star “A very good restaurant in its category”
  2. 2 stars “Excellent cooking, worth a detour”
  3. 3 stars “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”

Although there are many other guides and ranking systems, the Michelin Guide Rouge maintained its status to be the highest recognized as inspectors are still testing anonymous and Michelin is strict.
A Michelin star is bound to the head chef of that restaurant and is valid for approx 1 year until the next issue is released or the head chef leaves the restaurant.
It may be worth noting that Michelin stars restaurants are awarded with should not be confused with stars hotels are classified with. Every once in a while you’d hear about 4 or 5 stars restaurants. Those don’t exist, those are restaurants in a 4 or 5 stars hotel. While Michelin stars are rare awards for the best restaurants, stars given to hotels are not awards at all, they are classifying the hotel using many different metrics, most of which are about features, interior and the like.

Guys don’t forget to remind – Michelin star award is not forever, it’s every year, actually there is an evaluation once every 18 months at least.

The chef who has the credit for achieving maximum nos of Michelin star at present is Chef Alain Ducasse, who currently holds 17 Michelin stars.

Now I have a question – how can a chef get 17 Michelin stars, does he works only in one restaurant or these awards are achieved in his entire career in different years?

As mentioned by @Hugo_Diego there are about 2500 restaurants awarded of 1 Michelin Star in the world, 500 restaurants with 2 Michelin Stars and around 150 awarded 3 Michelin Stars.