How Long To Get Promotion From DM To AFOM?

I am currently a duty manager and some people say that you have to spend a minimum of two to three years before you can move on to the next position ? how true is this? and does it matter what end of the market you’re working ? Luxury Hotel, Mid-Scale Hotel, Budget Hotel etc.?

I look forward to all your replies :slight_smile:

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First-off all promotions primarily depends upon your performance!

Also, promotion is not automatic. The quick way is direct from A to B, however for many they go from A to B by way of Z which is the long way around. Obviously if you are working the cheap end of the market, promotion would be quicker, as anyone looking towards their future would have left to work in a more upmarket brand.

Also apart from experience, incentive, personality and a desire to succeed you also require a large amount of LUCK as-well!


Stick with the big brands, do not take a short cut with small hotels just for quick designation changes.
Speak with your GM or HR about your future growth plan trust me you wont be disappointed!