How I created a free website for my Hotel / Homestay?

Hello Fellow Hoteliers,

I always wanted to find out a way to create a free website for my homestay / hotel and I couldn’t get success with this until this week :slight_smile: . And when I say free website its not the normal free subdomain website like wix etc. instead a complete website with my own free domain name and free hosting!

As I was able to finally succeed with my testing and trials (after spending many days and hours of course!!! :frowning: :frowning: ) I thought to share this with other hotliers like me who do not want to spend many $$$ for web development just for a simple website showcasing their property (Hotel, B&B Homestay, Lodge etc.)

Now before you start be ready to spend 30 min to 1hrs to setting up the website. And don’t think that its too technical and you cannot do it. Remember I am also a hotelier like you without any technical knowledge so ‘If I can do it then you can also do it!’

Here is the link to the website which I created and below I have explained step by step how I build a free website for my homestay.

So this is how I created my free domain and free webhosting!

Step 1: Prerequisites:

a) You should have a valid email id from gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc. this will be needed to register your domain and hosting account.

b) Decide what will be your domain name or your website name, Like in my example the domain name is, in most of the cases you want a domain name similar to your hotel name.

We will be registering our free domain from and the free domain extensions available are .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ for this free registration.

Examples: or or or or

Step 2: Search and Register your domain:

a) Open website on a new browser window and like you see on the below screenshot search for your preffered domain name.

b) Click ‘Get Now!’ on you preferred domain and and proceed to check-out like the below screenshot.

c) Select The Plan as 12Months Free

d) Select ‘Use DNS’ and enter the below nameservers 1 and 2 onto nameserver fields, These are the DNS for the free hosting company which we will register on step 3. Once the Name servers are entered click on ‘Continue’


e) Complete the free checkout and Registration procedure. You can also signup using your google or facebook account instead of using your email.

e) Click on the verification link on the email and complete the registration procedure by filling in your address and contact details.

Step 3: Create your free hosting account with 000webhost :

This is the where we have to create the free hosting account with and then create our website either using Wordpress or using their in-build website builder.

In this example I have used Wordpress to create my website which is an easy to use Free and OpenSource content management system used by millions of web publishers all over the world. There are many free tutorials on how to use Wordpress feel free to search on google or youtube you will find a ton of them.

a) Register for a free hosting account by clicking on this link

You can also use your google or facebook account to complete the signup procedure and this way you can skip the email verification process and save time.

b) Once the Signup is complete click on the ‘Get Started’ button and on the next screen ‘SKIP’ the quick start like shown in the below screenshots.

d) From the Dashboard click on ‘Build Website’ button from top. You can give a unique name to your website or just simply put the name of your domain here which you have already chosen on step 2.

Enter your website name, the password is auto generated and click on Create.

e) Linking your domain name created from Freenom (Step 2) to the Hosting Account. Make sure to use the correct domain name, spelling etc. very important!

  • From the dashboard menu select Website Manager -> Set Web Address

  • Skip the Next screen by selecting the below, " It’s OK I don’t mind 000webhosting branding. "

  • Enter your exact domain name, this is very important if you miss spell then the website wont be working. Then Click on ‘Park Domain’.

Step 4: Creating your website using Wordpress (Final Step) :

This is the final step on making your website live, as I have mentioned before here you can decide whether if you want to use Wordpress to manage your website or use the free website builder provided by the 000hosting.

I have opted for Wordpress as it give more flexibility and we can choose from thousands of free themes available for our hotel. In this post I am not including the details of how to use Wordpress because this itself is big topic and I might make another post soon. But nevertheless please feel free to search on YouTube or Google to learn on how to use this most popular CMS Wordpress.

  • From the dashboard click on Build Website Menu and Select ‘Install WordPress’

  • Choose the correct web url or domain name for your wordpress.

  • Enter your administrator password (! Make sure to note it down somewhere safe or remember it) you will need it to login to Wordpress admin and click ‘Install’. The installation process is going to take couple of minutes 10 to 15 Minutes.

Once the installation is completed you can login to your Wordpress site and the Admin Area.

Website which I completed using WordPress:
The login to the Admin Area of Wordpress:

Please note that once the Wordpress is installed you need to then customize your website by installing a theme adding menu etc. etc.

Let me know by comment if you are struggling in any points and I will try to revert to your issues with the best I can.

And finally do share this information with your hotelier friends and colleagues… lets all save some money :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wishing you all the very best! and keep in mind “if you can dream it you can do it”

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Thanks for sharing. I have to confess I tried to use Wordpress and it was beyond me. I think Weebly is the easiest to use.

Not that difficult considering the facts you can save money year on year. Also Weebly services is also not free the pro version is around 145 USD every year.

The method which I suggested is completely free and there is no hidden cost or charges. They only downside is the small learning curve and time invested, but I personally feel that this is nothing in compared to the savings each year. In my case this is a huge savings.