How housekeeping impacts on customer service?

How housekeeping impact on customer service?

Housekeeping = cleanliness.
The total image of the property is in the hands of housekeeping.

Housekeeping is the backbone of a hotel. It’s very important to have an efficient housekeeping team.
Cleanliness is a basic factor in the hotel business.

Properly kept
Well maintained

All the above are synonyms of housekeeping in the hotel industry.

A guest who comes to the hotel looks for all of the above to make sure he/she choose the right place. This gives great mental satisfaction for the guest and also makes them feel secure and also gives a feeling that the company takes care of their guest seriously and they value their customers.

Proper and efficient HK, helps to improve customer’s like ability of your brand. It’s also the best way of attracting customers to a brand or a product.
Good housekeeping helps to get good reviews and word of mouth popularity and also to retain guest.

Repeat guest is a good sign of many factors specially housekeeping of the property.
When we think of going back to a hotel, the first thing that comes to our mind is the cleanliness and that’s priority no 1. & that’s the impact of HK.