How does the front office operations in the cruise ship or cruise liners?

What is the main difference between the traditional hotel front desk and the cruise liner front desk?

The front office staff on cruise performs similar duties to a hotel. They check the passengers in and out, answer their questions, and handle complaints.

@chicken-dinner Embarkation & debarkation days are the busiest days for the front office in a cruise line.
Whereas in a hotel every day there are check-in and check-outs.

The front office reception is the point of information regarding everything and anything going on in the cruise ship.
A receptionist should be always smiling and willing to help, for the guest in the hotel, they go out and they can solve many problems outside, but being in a cruise, the options are limited, so you can expect any kind of problems reporting to front desk requesting for help. It is likely that you will hear many hard to believe and sometimes crazy things from guests. So be very patient if you are going to be a receptionist / FOA in the cruise line.