How did the food and beverage service industry start?

When and how the food and beverage service industry started?

I think the 17th century, not sure.

Food & beverage is as old as humans themselves. F&B service started when people started to travel. The F&B industry became more commercial after the invention of canned food and pasteurization.

@craig Earlier people used to travel for trade, military, etc. that’s when travelers required food and accommodation. The army carried their food & accommodation along with them. People on trade traveled to their friend’s place where they get food & accommodation.
Later people started to travel for the pilgrim and other purposes. That’s when the paid service for food and accommodation started.

Not sure of the exact details of the beginning of the F&B service. But it’s known that the first hotel in the modern sense was opened in 1768 under the name Royal Clearance Hotel in the city of Exeter, England.