Housekeeping budget

How to make housekeeping yearly budget

Find below Types of housekeeping budgets for your reference. Hope these helps :slight_smile:

Capital budget: It is an intended expenditure on assets that are not used up in the normal course of operations; instead they have a life span that exceeds a single year.

Operational budget: It is an intended expenditure of items of daily or short term consumption i.e. those costs that the hotel incurs in order to generate revenue in the normal course of doing business. In the housekeeping department, the most important and expensive operational cost involves salaries and wages. The cost of non-recycled inventory items, such as cleaning and guest supplies are also considered operational costs.

Pre Opening budget: It is an intended expenditure of allocation of the resources for opening parties, advertising initial generation of goodwill, liaisons and PR. It also includes the initial cost of employee salaries and wages, as well as amenities, supplies, and other day to day useful items like cutlery, crockery, etc

PLANNING CAPITAL BUDGET: Capital expenditure involves large sums on such investments that have a long term impact. It is thus natural that decisions on these items are critical and should be made by a group involving the general manager, financial controller and executive housekeeper.

Decisions to incur capital expenditure in housekeeping arise from:

  • Renovation of rooms or public areas.
  • Addition of rooms or public areas.
  • Replacement of equipment, furnishings, carpets, etc.
  • Introduction of automation in the department.
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