Housekeeping Balance Scored Card

Anyone has a template of Housekeeping Department Balance scored card ? I am starting to implement in our hotel and just finished about strategic objective, strategic measures, etc. And i just want to compare to make an other ideas. Thank you

This management technique isolates four separate areas that need to be analyzed: (1) learning and growth, (2) business processes, (3) customers, and (4) finance. Data collection is crucial to providing quantitative results, which are interpreted by managers and executives and used to make better long-term decisions.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I am not that neophyte in the Housekeeping, but this is my first time to hear about the balance score card. I really would like to know more, and I am very curious about this thing.

BSC or Balance score card, need to be tailored as per unit. It has your goals to achieve, financial goal for the unit, personal target and the GM appraisal. It is impossible that you get use of any BSC not tailored for your hotel.

You should look for all targets to be measurable, meaningful and achievable. Don’t kill your self with your target, just be reasonable and don’t borrow it otherwise you lose yourself with someone’s else target. Work a bit and create yours. Good luck.