Hotel systems which one is your choice?

There’s many hotel management system that the front office staff need to learn…from Fidelio, Opera, RMS Cloud, Protel, Cloud Beds, Mews, stayntouch etc etc and countless more…

Which one is your choice and why you choose that particular system? like me, i prefer to use Opera, it’s the fastest way to get the information with excellent reporting capabilities and of cause the are the market leaders compared to others…what do you think?

Security and stability are my primary concerns, if the system keeps crashing at peak times, it’s killing us. These days, Even MasterCard, VISA, Marriott hotels got breached, You have to be cautious and only take systems which are PCI compliant.

Thirdly, I hope those reports generated by the system can help my thoroughly analyse and monitor my business.

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In my experience the staff tend to think the one they are most familiar with is the one fastest and handiest. But this is not definitely the case always.

Now in this new age we are all into cloud application, so nothing is basically stored locally all is on the providers servers located in other countries or even other continent. One need to do a through requirement analysis and then only proceed with purchasing cloud systems.

If its a large full service operation then definitely opera. yay…

There are a lot of staff who are familiar with the opera and the great daddy Fidelio… as you all know the hotel industry is having the highest staff turnover.

I would make a checklist first and then list out all the key factors, like the type of integration with other systems (Keycard, telephone, internet, internet distribution, Channel manager etc.)

And yes support comes an integral part like how easy is to get support.

The cost is an important factor and also the possibility to connect with other systems.