Hotel Spas Post Covid Recovery

2020 was not a good time for SPA’s but it seems that 2021 will be also not good for all spas and hotels whether it is resort or hotel or individual spas :frowning: during the current covid wave which is going on. Let’s hope people will come back to SPA and Wellness treatments in the coming year 2022!!


hope spas will recover quickly. btw i have question. do you control humidity in spa facilities? if yes what are max RH values for indoor pool, relax areas etc.?

@shanti To avoid indoor pool humidity problems, relative humidity of 50% to 60% is recommended. The general rule for pool dehumidification systems is to maintain the air temperature at 2 degrees higher than the water temperature. So, for example, you could strive for the air in the space to be 84°F and the water temperature to be 82°F, with relative humidity in the 50-60% range.

It may not sound like much, but maintaining this 2-degree difference is vitally important. Lowering the air temperature by just 2 degrees would increase the humidity load by 35%, which could overwhelm the capacity of the dehumidifier and cause indoor pool humidity problems.

Hope this helps