Hotel Security Alarm Response Audit Checklist

Hotel security Alarm Response Audit Checklist

  • What is the response capability for reacting to a local alarm on premises throughout 24 hours of each day?
  • Would there be an increase in false (unwanted) alarms response by a contract agency or the local police if the alarm is connected to a security service or the police?
  • Is the sounding of the alarm likely to deter a criminal act?
  • Is the contact alarm relayed to an on-site location which has a person assigned to each work shift, 24 hours each day?
  • What will the delay interval be in calling for the police?
  • How quickly are they likely to be able to respond?
  • If the community provides a direct alarm network, would it be feasible for the contact alarms to be directly linked?
  • Where such linkage does not exist, are there contract security services that could receive the initial alarm, relay it to the police, and then proceed as a back-up to the police response?
  • The silent alarm, similar to contact alarm, provides the capability of warning that a crime is in progress. Sounding of the alarm within the hearing range of the perpetrator could possibly endanger the lives of other persons who are victims of the criminal act.
  • In what locations would such alarms be best utilized?
  • Will there be sufficient time for possibly intercepting the criminals in stealing product from a back-of-the-house storage facility?