Hotel Room Inquiry

Hello everyone! I am a new member in this great hotel sphere. So, I need your help!
Dear Forum members, What is “Room Inquiry” in hotel standards? Someone, please would be pleased answer, as soon as possible!
Thanks a lot! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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If I am not wrong this term is used in below cases.

In POS system: the term or function ‘Room Inquiry’ is used to check which guest is in-house in a particular room. This way the restaurant staff can pull the guest reservation and billing details to make a Room settlement of the POS charges.

In PMS or Hotel Software: The room inquiry refer to the function which check if a particular room is available for X number of days.

So, it’s like guest in-house report? Checking who lives or doesn’t. Is it ok?

@Sss guest in-house report shows the details of all the rooms occupied in the hotel. On the other hand ‘Room enquiry’ is used to get the occupancy status of one particular room only.

Hope this helps…