Hotel Lobby Music Recommendations

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What are good recomendations on the type of music to play in the lobby of a 5 Star hotel / serviced appartment building?

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Below are some recommendations for Lobby or channel music for hotels or apartments.

  1. A compilation of Mozart
  2. Yanni
  3. Jon Tesh
  4. Soothing Buddha Bar music
  5. Nice jazz
  6. Opera
  7. Good jazz piano instrumentals
  8. Classical
  9. Latin Jazz

How about Indian solo instrumental musics like sitar, veena (preferably Pandit Ravishankar’s collections), violin, sarod, santoor, sarangi, shahnai, bulbul, flute?

Or jugalbandhis (healthy competition of two or more different Indian instruments like tabala & veena), since these vibrant traditional musics touch not just the audiences’ ears but their inner souls.



It depends of the hotel’s architecture, season, time of the day, etc
I strongly recommend french old music (Edith piaf, Francoise Hardy, Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Joe Dassin), I noticed that quality people enjoy it…

We also use a lot the old italian music, Italian people are inlove with their music, and we have a lot of italian guests. So if you also have guests from Italy it’s a must!

Also it is important to change the music very often. You can also try Buddha Bar and Enya and piano jazz .

I think it will depend primarily depend upon the theme and decor of the hotel.

But, any light instrumental music should be fine in general.

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I think it depends primarily on what kind of guests are there & what constitute their taste bud !
Because sometimes we impose our taste on them :grin::grin: , so get a qustionaire ready for them about Feedback & include a column what kind of Music you like & on the basis of the same select the Lobby Music normally it is Instrumental Light Music.

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Buddha Bar Series are best :slight_smile:


I created a playlist using tracks from Buddha Lounge, Cafe del Mar and similar compilations, with tracks having a BPM at around 102. This works for my beach resort.


Wow that would be great. Do you mind sharing the same? :grinning:

Hi ,
you can follow me on Spotify; my user name is Morgan Changari.

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Cool many thanks…:grinning:

Excellent Choice for lobby music will suite mostly all type of hotels.