Hotel Lobby Ambassador

Hello my dear hoteliers, hope you all are keeping safe at these unprecedented times…

I need to collect your opinions. Is it a relevant practice to assign a Lobby Ambassador everyday to attend guest, meet & greet them at the Lobby & other areas as well?

Or do you think this is part of the job description of the Duty Managers?

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I always wonder this, you get doorman (door girl), bellman, concierges, guest service officers, guest relations executives (GRE), butlers, securities there at the entrance and lobby, why do you still need this Lobby Ambassador? maybe they create some new positions with intent to redefine the organization culture.

You get guest service officers/managers (AMs) and butlers, concierge available for your VIPs and Regular guests 24 hours,7 days, and some salesman at business hours, (don`t forget sales, they should interactive with their guests frequently), all of them can do greetings, information, feedback and other things LA can do, and even can do it better.

So my assumption is why do they still need Lobby Ambassador?

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@chicken-dinner Thanks for your response. Definitely good points before taking the decision to recruit Lobby Ambassadors.

Also, What if the position of Lobby Ambassadors is to be assigned to Exc. Members/Department Heads, where they will be taking turns on daily basis.

Wouldn’t it be good to have them to be around guests more regularly & get to know them (especially regular guests)?