Hotel Guest Messaging Systems

Does anyone use a Multi-channel messaging system for your hotel operations?

What I am referring to is a way to communicate to your guest via Text SMS, Web Chat, WhatsApp, Email, FB Messenger from one single platform. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is something that we have tried to work on. Whatsapp is the only one that works but it still doesn’t have all the functionality that is needed. I wish there was a universal app for hotel guests to use whereby we can communicate directly with them.


@Gail_Gane oh could you share what are the pain points when using such system?

Also, I was referring to softwares which can link to multiple guest communication channels from one single software not just using whatsapp.

Like for example these systems: Whistle, HelloShift (Guest), ALICE Guest Messaging etc.

What these softwares does is connect with the hotel software and also these Instant messaging platforms so all guest data is available for smooth comunication.


@RajivsResidency and @Gail_Gane same here I am also looking for some feedback on such softwares which makes the communication much more easier and effective.

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What seems to be a big issue.!
The guest will definately prefer to use a messaging app that is already on their phone. Most guests won’t be prepared to load a new app. I’ve done some reading and Whatsapp business seems popular it also seems to have a feature for some hotel integration.
We chat is the way to go with Chinese guests.
I’m going to give the whatsapp business a try. We use Nightsbridge as our booking management system and they have nothing like a guest chat option unfortunately. Please if you find anything else let me know. Thanks Gail