Hotel Front Desk New Green Initiatives?

Anyone can share with me their Green Initiative at the Front Desk beside the regular recycle? (key cards, one-sided paper, envelope)

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I think the first priority is to become a paperless Front Desk Operations.

Now a days most of the latest hotel management softwares allows to send a soft copy of the invoice to the email instead of printing.

The only exceptions where would be for guests/clients that require a printed invoice instead of having it emailed.

Additionally, the registration card signing can be also done with a Ipad or Android Tablet which will again save paper.

The main difficulties is educating people and shifting the way they have been working for the last amount of years… but very feasible.

Also start by switching off your office light when you go home in the evening… :slight_smile: :wink:

  1. Start scanning docs than photocopying. (Advantages of using scanner in hotels)

  2. Use Electronic display screens in lobby than having posters.

  3. Encourage optimum use of natural lighting in the lobby and switch off light fixtures where ever you can.

  4. Use a common printer for all back office requirements.

  5. Plan ahead - allocate arrival rooms on certain wings / floors in a systematic manner so that H/K or Maintenance can switch off the power ( unless reqd on emergency ) in the rest of areas. You could save on air con, hot water etc.

  6. If the hotel has the budget & if it complies with local regulations, you could have tablet pc’s / digital pen’s, where guests can digitally sign on electronic registration cards , thereby eliminating the need for printing registration cards which again saves paper.


As mentioned by @Pro_hotelier and @1515mepra the first and major goal is to implement a Paperless Front Desk Operation.

Do an internal audit and check where all papers are used for printing and think of replacement.

One major point will be the set the reports printed during the End of Day, Instead of printing these reports ask your Hotel Software vendor to configure it to save as PDF and auto email it to the required HOD’s.

Other than this sending of invoices to guest email instead of printout, send out welcome letter or message electronically, use of mobile applications for keycard (NFC Keycard), Self Check-in and Check-out Kiosk etc.

So to summarise try take full advantage of the available technology and avoid and manual paper works.