Hotel Employee requirement estimate

Is there any way I can determine how many number of employees are to be allotted for certain departments? Like for example an 800 room hotel, how many housekeepers… etc.

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It`s a little bit complicated, for example, you can outsource your laundry service, then you almost cut the positions of Laundry department, if you set up a laundry department, you can calculate the staff number as following:

The laundry is one of the biggest department of housekeeping, using flexible working to reduce labor cost, a seven-day operation, with employees requiring two days off each week. By combining the total workforce of the GRAs and laundry attendants (20 GRAs, 5 laundry attendants, supervisor, and aides for each group), a relief situation can be developed as follows:

20 GRAs + 5 laundry attendants = 25 employees

25 employees × 7 days/week

requires 175 man-days of effort

175 man-days/5 maximum number of days allowed = 35 employees needed

This same formula can be applied to supervisors and section housekeeping aides.