Hotel Email Marketing - What is the Most Important Part of the Email

As per your opinion and experience what should be or what is the most important part of a promotional or marketing email campaign?

Also, do you think adding a emoji on to the sub line of email has some adverse effect on the email marketing?

Looking forward for your valuable and experienced responses.


The Most Important Part of the Email is the Subject Line, Not an Afterthought Email marketing is firstly all about the open rate and secondly, click-through rate.

The subject line bears the weight of this and It has to get attention immediately and stimulate the reader to act – all before the email can even begin to get the message across.

For this reason, subject lines are the most vital part of the email just like an ad headline.

Well, actually, there’s little evidence to support the claim that emojis increase open rate. Just because an emoji stands out and catches your eye, doesn’t mean that the user will click. and, it might be getting attention for the wrong reason. So if you are using emojis then do it with caution.

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I would anytime avoid Emojis on the email subject line. Having an emoji could definitely get caught for wrong reason. Guests or bookers could think that these are spam or phishing email :angry: :angry: