Hotel door lock security for multiple users

What type of door lock or software or energy saving device do I use if I want to limit the devices (light switches, sockets, air conditioning unit) housekeepers can access? What software do we need?

@leslietes You will have to have a key card access system which can be interfaced to the GRMS (Guest Room Management System). This way when a guest room is opened with certain type of key (Guest / Staff/ Master key etc.) then you can limit the devices which can work as per the key used to open the room.

But do note that the downside is during the room cleaning normally the Housekeeping attendant checks all such equipment to find out any fault and rectify it well before the guest face inconvenience. So in case if you are planning to restrict such devices to HK staff then there is no way they can find such maintenance issues in the room.

Thank you for that.

I tried searching online but I cannot get further explanation. Is that just an app? Can I use just the regular energy saving device? What other brands or companies offer it? All I find are legrand and Schneider.

Guest Room Management System (GRMS) is not just an app or a software which you can download and install.

GRMS consists of 1) Hardware components like the Electrical Controller and Guest interface or Touch Panels 2) Software to manage and program the system, 3) Sensors for auto ON/OFF of the electrical equipments 4) Interface to your hotel software, keycard etc.

You will have to contact a supplier to get it installed for you. Below are some from many of the GRMS systems available in the market for hotel industry.

It would be ideal if you can get in touch with one of them who provide installation and support in your region or country and get a proposal.


Schneider Electric:


Smartcon Solutions:

Evolve Guest Controls:

Hope this helps and I wish you a wonderful New year 2020!

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