Hotel Accounting - F&B Budgeting steps

Appreciate if someone can possibly guide me about F&B Budgeting steps (Operational & Zero Based) with necessary formats to develop budgets.

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@nisarahmedhunzai I don’t think it is as easy as explaining about F&B budget in a simple post as it would be too detailed and lengthy. Unless you are asking specific questions related to a certain type of budgeting.

But, below are some of the basic points to note while doing a budget for your F&B department.

  • The budget is the guideline for projected revenue and costs within the calendar year.

  • For each cost/profit centre, a yearly budget is established and shall be approved by the Management Team of the Hotel and the Owning company.

  • The departmental budget is the backbone of the outlet. Many other key figures are calculated based on this budget: staffing, salaries. Bonuses, investments, etc. So it is of utmost importance to stick to these figures in order to achieve the desired result.

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Here is some sample of food and Beverage Budget Templates. May Be you need to tweak it meet your requirement

F&B SampleBudgettemplate.xls (31 KB)

restaurant-projections Sample.xls (119.5 KB)

Food and Beverage Budget sample.xls (31.5 KB)


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