Hot & Sour Soup - Standard Recipe

Dish Name : Hot & Sour Soup

“Hot and sour soup” is a Chinese soup claimed variously by the regional cuisines of Beijing and Sichuan as a regional dish. The Chinese hot and sour soup is usually meat-based but can be made vegetarian also.

Ingredients for 2 portions

Qty Unit Description
0.02 Kg Cabbage
0.02 Kg Carrot
0.02 Kg Silicon tofu
0.015 Kg Black fungus
0.01 Kg Chilli sauce
0.005 Kg Aromat seasoning
0.01 Litres Rice vinegar
0.01 Kg Dark soya sauce
0.005 Kg Salt
0.01 Kg Potato starch
0.3 Litres Stock
0.02 Litres Oil
0.01 Kg Spring onion


  • Heat oil add the chopped vegetables and stir well, add sliced mushroom
  • Add vinegar chilli sauce dark soya sauce.
  • Add stock adjust the seasoning. Add cubes of tofu.
  • Add potato slurry to adjust the consistency and serve hot by garnishing with chopped spring onion.