Hot Cross Buns-Standard Recipe

Hot Cross Buns

Dish Name : Hot Cross Buns
Meal Period : Lunch / Dinner
Ingredients for 1600 gms dough

Qty Unit Description
0.50 KGS Flour
0.01 KGS Salt
0.01 KGS Mixed Spice
0.13 KGS Castor sugar
0.05 KGS Yeast
0.35 LITRES Milk
0.06 KGS Butter
0.05 KGS Chopped Peel
0.05 KGS Currants
0.05 KGS Sultanas
For piping crosses
0.20 KGS Flour
0.10 KGS Egg


  • Mix all the ingredients in the dough mixer except the butter
  • Knead the dough for 5 minutes on slow speed or until the gluten has formed.
  • Add the softened butter and knead again till a smooth dough is obtained
  • Keep the dough for proofing, knock back and rest again
  • Scale a dough in 25- 30 gms sizes and rest
  • Shape the rolls into ball and arrange on a baking tray and allow to proof
  • Mix the flour and egg to form a batter of piping consistency . Glaze the rolls with egg wash.
  • Pipe a cross over the proofed rolls and bake at 200º C for 15-20 min.