Hosting Tips for A Better Guest Experience?

hello all… can someone list down what are the hosting tips for a better guest experience?

Any special things to be done while hosting guests in AirBNB?

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  • Try to be available to receive the guest and give a warm welcome.

  • Try and use white sheets if possible, especially if you line dry them as the sun will keep them nice and bleached.

  • Get some tourist information pamphlets for the local area and leave it for guests.

  • Have a listing or guest directory with Information that contains the FAQ’s such as wifi passwords, how to operate equipements, how to contact the host etc.

  • Always touch base with guest to see if things are ok each day.

  • Its better to avoid cleaning fees istead, incorporate it into your listing price.

  • Offer discount to returning guests.

  • Try and provide a welcome snack box biscuits, chisps etc. on the day of arrival.

  • Make sure your listing is very clean, take extra effort for the same. As most bad reviews are left because of cleanliness reasons.

  • Always Iron your sheets.

Hope this helps.

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in brief, you need to be closed to his needed and make him feel at home.

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