Hostelling management

1.) can a staff of a hostel allow to join in an occupied guestroom to sleep over with other guests? what if the staff was paid?

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It depends the ‘Employee house rules or Fraternisation policies’ set by the management of the hostel. On most of the cases the staff is NOT allowed to socialise, immoral activities with guests or any disorderly conduct in the hotel premises.

Checkout the below discussion and sample staff house rules:

Hi, what if the management allows staff to sleep over in rooms they were selling. which one do you choose over, the dorm type rooms that already open for interns or will you open a new huge room just for the single employee? thank you

Hi @Jepoi_Hipolito normally if the staff is staying over for the hotel purpose ‘House Use’ then they are given a single room for example ‘Night Manager’ who is incharge during the night time.

For interns on most of the cases are given only sharing accommodation in your case the dorm type rooms.

big thanks for your response…