Hospitality Management Software

All Hospitality Management Software seem to offer the same features. Which one do I pick?

Thank You.

You need to focus on the particular needs of your hotel. What is important to your lodging business? Knowing your business needs first is the key to success. Start by building an internal team that will work with you on the system evaluation project.

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Hi @george_t_j,

As you already know, there are a lot of hotel softwares in the market, like cloud based ( accessible via a browser), Hotel software locally installed on your server etc.

What you need do is first identify your feature requirement, like required functions, integration or interface with 3rd party systems, web booking integration etc. Then you need to also identify your budget allocation for purchasing the hotel software.

You could use a ‘PMS feature checklist sheet’ like this to list down all your required features and use this while you run through the demo of the hotel software.