Hong Kong Steamed Fish with Chinatown Vegetables

Dish Name : Hong Kong Steamed Fish with Chinatown Vegetables

Yield: 4 servings

Cilantro, chopped - 2 oz.
Scallions, chopped - 2 oz.
Ginger, peeled, chopped, divided use - 3 oz.
Toasted sesame oil, divided use - 2 oz.
Peanut oil, divided use - 2 oz.
Red chile, chopped - 1
Light soy sauce - 2 oz.
4 Sea bass fillets, skinless - 4 oz. each
Baby bok choy - 4 oz.
Chinese long beans, cut in 3-in. pieces 4 - oz.
Sugar snap peas - 4 oz.
Choy sum or Chinese broccoli, cut in 3-in. pieces - 4 oz.
Water spinach, washed, cut in 3-in. pieces - 4 oz.
Bean sprouts - 4 oz.
Small shiitake mushrooms, whole - 4 oz.
Garlic, chopped - 1 oz.
Oyster sauce - 3 oz.
Lemon grass, roughly chopped - 1
Kaffir lime leaves - 5
Ginger, unpeeled, sliced - 1 piece
Scallion, cut in half - 1


  1. Mix together cilantro, scallions, 2 oz. ginger, 1 oz. sesame oil, 1 oz. peanut oil, chile and soy sauce. Add fish; let stand 5 minutes.

  2. Blanch, shock and drain bok choy, long beans, peas and broccoli.

  3. Heat remaining sesame and peanut oil in large sauté pan until smoky hot. Add remaining chopped ginger and garlic; stir-fry a few seconds. Add blanched vegetables, spinach, bean sprouts and mushrooms; toss to coat. Sauté 1 minute; add oyster sauce. Set aside; keep warm.

  4. Fill wok with water (or use large wide shallow pan); add lemon grass, lime leaves, ginger and scallion. Boil 5 minutes. Place fish in bamboo steamer lined with oiled lettuce or cabbage leaves; place fish on top. Steam 5 minutes.

  5. Divide vegetables in center of 4 warmed plates; place fish on top.