Help and Advice Needed

I work at a franchise hotel. I’ve had issues the GM, along with everyone else, but he seems particularly like a shark that smells blood around me. I’m at the bottom of the pecking order.

Long story short, my hotel has never paid strict attention to policy. The GM makes exceptions and cuts corners whether it’s beneficial for the hotel or not. He is under a lot of scrutiny and everyone at the hotel doubts his managing skills (or lack thereof). The only reason he has this job is because he is family friends with the owners.

The issue:

An employee wanted to stay the night at the hotel. The hotel has, on several occasions, allowed employees to stay overnight. Now, sometimes they’re put in the system, sometimes they are not. This employee was not put in the system and, unfortunately, smoked in the room. The Front Office Manager and GM are going nuts trying to find someone to be responsible. After a slightly heated discussion with the GM, it is certain he is going to blame me. I need help. Any ideas?


@Joao I know how you feel, we all know it, but it just happens in your career.

Almost the first day I entered hotel, I was taught how to protect myself from this situation. When this kind of order comes, you should create record in computer asap, and print it out to get signed by people who’s responsible for this, it’s your job, not the GM, the GM, who may be promoted from FB, or even having no hotel experience, like from airline or supermarket chain(by the way, not knowing many details of hotel operation does not mean he won’t be a good GM in the future).

But you, as a front line staff, you should know the concerns, sometimes the hotel lets staff stay overnight, sometimes they won’t, but you have no right to make the decision, your job is taking the order and making the operation, entering data, preparing documents…, and the hotel should make sure about that, even there is no smoking issue, I guess.

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