Handling weekly bills settlement to the long staying guests

The letter regarding settlement of weekly bill is required when we are unable to meet the guest during the perfect time when we can discuss for this matter.

We cannot ask for payment at anytime on this case, we will have to issue a letter and that should be very polite and that to be placed in the room.

On the other hand we normally met all long staying guests personally, escorted to the room, discussed further requirements and amongst other things… but when it comes to payment we need to gain the intention regarding the payment by saying that there is a credit limit of of our management, that we are allowing and we are requesting you to kindly settle your bill partly.

How do you effectively handle weekly or monthly bill settlement of the long staying guests?

If I am not wrong there must have been a long term contract / guidelines given to the client prior to their long term check-in e.g. rates, credit limit, bill settlement i.e weekly/ monthly, deposit, mode of payment etc… if this was established in the first place all u would need is a simple letter attached to this statement for verification and settlement and place in their room.

To further establish their needs… a long term guest party to be hosted maybe monthly or weekly - pending on policy or even an informal breakfast appointment or pre-dinner cocktail. If an established relationship has achieved you will not have any problems meeting up with them.

In my opinion no need to try to make this process complex… :smile::smile:

@tin1982 @george222 Agree. to inform the guest in advance is very important so he could “know how it works” in advance. Better to inform guest upon arrival due to long stay he can pay his bill partially on weekends or our team would inform him when his balance exceed the credit limit.