Handling Room Allocation Early Check-in

Question to hoteliers Here task Hotel has 30 rooms. 18 standard 10 luxe 2 business luxe. Reservation for 2 nights for 2 persons (2 single luxe rooms must be prepared for 07.07.19- 09.07.19 early check-in at 06.00 am.) Occupancy for 07.07.19 14 standards occupied 5 luxe occupied. 4 standard free 1 luxe due out 2 luxe for 8.07. will be occupied (guaranteed) 1 business luxe occupied for 07.07(guaranteed) 1 business luxe occupied for 08.07(guaranteed) How to check-in these 2 VIP guests on 07 07? We can’t refuse this offer from VIP guests. Please, tell how to room move and upgrade others guests correctly!

@Sss what is your occupancy on the 07th of July?

Normally for early check-in request you need to block rooms one day prior incase the rooms are expected to be full on the 06th Night.

Also, If the requested rooms are not available at the time of arrival then your could give another room for wash and change then shift them once the rooms is available later in the day.

Other options will be to give free upgrade for other 2 guests and give your VIP the correct room they have booked.

Hope the hotel is not sold out on these dates.


Niyati-Kochi occupancy about 80%.
It means, I should prepare block rooms for VIP guest according to early check-in request? And room move others? Is it correct? If I am wrong please assist with that!!! Many thanks )

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@Sss yes that is correct. If you have rooms to play around then the best bet is to block room for VIP in advance for early check-in and move other guests.


So many thanks ))))))

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Probably you must block rooms 3 days before
Include suite room

All if they booked suite room but at that time is not available to check guest in You can give them spare room if your hotel is not high occupancy

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