Handling deformed guest clothes

Hello colleagues,
What is your SOP for handling deformed guest clothes?

  • Do you check clothes when you receive them? If yes, what are the control points?
  • If guest clothes are deformed (worn out, torn, no tag/label, permanent stain, color change etc), do you inform guest and make them sign a form or something like that to keep you safe from any possible claim?
  • How do you record deforms? Do you take photos?
  • If you damage clothes because of wrong treatment when clothes have no label, do you repay/compensate for it?



Hello, I really want to know what do you think about this. Thanks.

@shanti In our case when the laundry valet is called for any pickup from the guest they count and check the clothes for any kind of damages, stains or defect.

And in case the room boy picks up the laundry while cleaning the room and sends it to the laundry; the laundry attendant checks for any stains, damages.

In both cases, we try to contact the guest and send back the items for his confirmation before any laundry.

And yes, we do take the photo and also record them in our register for damaged or deformed items.

hope this helps.


Here is some SOP’s related to Laundry Operations.

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