Guest Reviews- How Safe and Secured Are They To The Contributors?

I am a hospitality professional and practitioner. Currently an AirBnB host for a serviced apartment.
I humbly requested my guest to share his experience with the online community after hosting my very first guest since reviews are helpful to potential guest to make an informed decision when booking.
To my suprise, guest politely refused siting security among others as his reason to avoid being trailed by unidentified rogues or burglars.
How can such potential risk be remedied since this business thrives on digital reputation?
Suggestions please!

Hi this is the first time I am aware of such issues faced by any guest who review the listing on AirBNB :thinking::thinking:

Are these domestic guests or overseas guests or any celebrity ? Not sure how the burglar can track down the guest via airbnb! As unlike Facebook or twitter you cannot search for a booker on Airbnb

May be this was one of an odd case. Also, in case of Airbnb the do send auto reminder emails to both guest and host to review the host and guest experience.

I would say you should definitely make a request to the guests to review your property and most of them would do it.

Wish you happy hosting.

@Kennedy same here I have also not heard about any such rejection from guests to write a review stating that due to security reason they do not want to give a review.

Did they mention anything about what kind of security risks or they had any past such experiences or issues where they did a review and ended up robbed or tracked by burglars?

Would be nice if you could share more details about what exactly the guest mentioned. I do not see any one able to track them or search for their review on Airbnb unless the person who wanted to follow them knows they are staying at your exact homestay or B&B…