Guest realtime commuication

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a advice in commuincation channel between frontdesk & guest relations manager to comunicate in real time with guests… I was wondering if there is anything on WhatsApp platform, that doesnt have to be donwloeaded (i mean APP)…

Or maybe do you have some feedback about using directly whatsapp with the guests ??

Many thanks.


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HI R, You can try Slack for departmental communication, it is better than using whatapp

I don’t know how you could communicate with guests without them downloading an app. I have used WhatsApp successfully with guests. Many people have that app already. If you have a guest portal with your online booking system, that can be a better tool as the guest can do many things, e.g. check-in, check-out and send messages.

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Yes you could use the whatsapp online using “whatsapp web” without downloading it to your computer. But, you should be having a number in your mobile already which you b will be able to use in computer. So parallely you can use this same account at your mobile and computer as well.

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@renothehotelier Have you considered using any specialised software for this purpose? If not then here are some of the guest communication apps which also allow integration to your hotel software and other third party chat applications like Whatsapp, Telegram etc.

EasyWay, Monscierge Guest Messaging, ALICE Guest Messaging, Alliants Guest Messaging etc.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: