Grain Mustard Sauce

Grain Mustard Sauce

Dish Name :Grain Mustard Sauce

Mustard sauce - readymade - a sauce prepared with mustard, vinegar and vegetable oil with sugar and seasonings. Here we show how to prepare home mustard sauce, that can be used as a flavorful relish or dressing or topping as an accompaniment to food.

Ingredients for 1.8 Lt

Qty Unit Description
0.1 Kg Onion
0.005 Kg Thyme
0.05 Kg Grain mustard
0.02 Litre Oil
0.05 Kg Butter
0.5 Litre White wine
1 Litre Beef stock
0.1 Litre Cream


  • Heat oil and saute chopped onions
  • Add beef stock, red wine, thyme and reduce the sauce until a syrupy consistency
  • Reduce the flame and whisk in cold cream and switch off the flame.
  • Blend in cold chilled butter and partially crushed mustard.