Google Booking Link

Anyone here tried Google Booking Link?

Any tips to increase direct booking using it?


How did you connect to the Google API for sending the Rate, Availability and Inventory? Does your PMS have a direct connection. Or is there a way to manage the rates and inventory manually?


@jeeshenlee sorry never tried it :frowning: I also have the same question can we use Google Booking Link without the use of any thirdparty or HotelSoftware?


First thing you’ll need to do is claim your google business listing and add information about the hotel there. There are more and more channel managers and PMS vendors coding the integration for the free ads link these days. If you are working with a software provider who supports it, then it ties up with your business listing and lets guests who search for you see availability and pricing on Google.


Here is the details I got from Protel Hotel Software they do provide the feature to connect their PMS Protel with Google Hotel Ads.

I think similar services or add-ons should be available with other hotel software vendors as well.

List your hotel on Google

List your hotel on Google
When searching for a hotel, Google lists a preview of properties and allows travelers to read hotel information, see the pictures, explore the neighborhood and read reviews. But best of all, for each property, the user can compare prices and see directly who has the best offer: is the hotel directly or an OTA.

With Free Booking Links and Google Hotel Ads, you - as a hotel owner will have the opportunity to compete directly and advertise your rates alongside the OTAs.

By choosing protel Google Services, with one single installation and configuration, you can participate in Free Booking Links as well as in both Free Booking Links and Google Hotel Ads.

Install once and get two powerful advertisement tools at once: Free Booking Links and Google Hotel Ads! Switch between them any time.


Free Booking Links: 0% Google commission plus 2% protel service fee

Google Hotel Ads: 10% Google commission plus 2% protel service fee

  • Commissions are calculated at the net price on the check out date + VAT
  • Commissions on realized reservations only, cancellations and no-shows will not be charged

One installation for both Free Booking Links and Google Hotel Ads.

  • Activation of Free Booking Links is default.
  • Activation of Google Hotel Ads if requested

protel Integrations | protel

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