Global Distribution System

What is the difference between GDS, and ADS.
(Global Distribution System) & (Alternative Distribution System)?
And How both Systems work?

Global Distribution System (GDS) - A distribution channel for reservations that provides worldwide distribution of hotel reservation information and allows selling of hotel reservations around the world, usually accomplished by connecting the hotel reservation system with an airline reservation system ( Eg - Amadeus, Saber, Galileo/Apollo or Worldspan )

Internet Distribution System (IDS) or Alternate Distribution System - This refers to Online Travel Agents like Agoda,, Expedia etc. Additionally, your own hotels booking engine also comes under IDS. Any Channel Manager Like TravelClick, Synxis, STAAH, Siteminder etc. is a tool which can handle these IDS or ADS channels.

Thank you so much. You are very clear in your explanation.
Can you please also explain how IDS or ADS working?

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Sorry Couldn’t really understand your question. Are you asking how all IDS channels work?

If yes then as per their name suggests its via internet / browser / online. Guests visits these IDS channels for example Expedia website and search for your hotel or location, then they make a booking request.

You will have to enroll or list your hotel in these OTA (Online Travel Agent) sites to get bookings from them.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: