Garbage disposal

On which department in a hotel is garbage sorting, disposal and management will fall?, And what job title is that?

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There are 2 departments who handle waste in the hotel

  1. Housekeeping - they collect waste/ thrash from all public areas of the hotel ie, guest rooms, public toilets, other departments like FO, restaurants, etc.
    Housekeeping has a fixed schedule to remove garbage from all these areas.

  2. Kitchen stewarding - They exclusively handle kitchen waste. Housekeeping is not involved in this area. Here the waste is 90% food waste from the preparation area and also dish wash and pot wash areas.
    There is no fixed time to remove garbage from the kitchen, whenever the garbage is full this must be cleared. The same stewarding staff is responsible to clear food waste from the washing area also.

The collected garbage is disposed at the garbage room behind the hotel which can be segregated to wet and dry, paper and plastic, etc which is on hotel policy.
Mainly HK disposes of dry garbage and stewarding disposes of wet garbage.

This garbage/waste will be collected by waste management trucks as per the country’s law.

Garbage sorting is the responsibility of those who dispose of it.(HK & Kitchen stewarding)
The garbage room is managed by the kitchen stewarding department which comes under the production department - Chef.
Job title is - Stewarding boy - kitchen stewarding department.