Games Console For Sports Bar

Dear follow hoteliers,

I like to put games console(s) in my sports bar and wonder which ones are good for adults - mainly age 25-45 as I have no idea about it.

Do I buy Wii or Xbox or PS3?

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I think Xbox has better build quality than Play Stations. Would recommend Xbox anytime.


Well I am not a big fan of putting game console’s in the BAR area. It’s difficult to maintain and so easy to loose the controls or joy sticks.

Why don’t you look for some gaming arcade machines instead.

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Many outlets do offer WiFi facilities at present (as a yard stick)

The recurring issue is guest tend to “sit out” hours on end.

Some have the tenacity to just order a beverage which would last them almost “forever”.

So how do you go about that when introducing games consoles.

How is the mechanism? Is there a time limited or cover charge maybe? Traditionally in the “pool / billiards” circuit the motto goes “Winner stays, Loser pays”.


I would go for WII with a large screen if you got the space and PS3 for car games… Stay on the traditional side as well and make sure you still have pool and football in place!!

I would suggest u to buy XBOX, actually each of these devices have their advantages over each other, though XBOX more suitable for sport bars, cuz: controller feels more comfortable in your hands…easy to clean and cheaper to replace in case of damage…at the current moment u don’t need to pay extra for ps3, cuz there are not many games that can utilize its full potential.
Its not only my thoughts, in last place I used to work, we had 3 XBOX 360 built in behind big flat screens. if u want some extra gaming experience, u can purchase 1 kinect… but don’t buy Wii, its definitely not for bar.

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Thanks guys for your response. Yes Xbox or Playstations are recommended, as Wii is expensive and not durable.