Furniture & Paint Smell in Rooms

Appreciate if I can get some ideas to get rid off strong furniture & paint smell in the room after the major renovation took place.

Already tried different ways like placing fragrance oil with a burning candle, Gel air freshener, pot puri but can`t succeed. The strong smell of fresh paint and polish still remain the room.

Hope to get some better ideas here.:grinning:

Take into consideration the experience and education level of room attendants and maintenance staff, you want to use a method that is most simple and easy to train everyone so it becomes standardised practice.

On the other hand I would personally recommend having a few Ozone Machines. These are easy to use. teach and train, and always reliable.

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Although I’d agree the inclusion of ozone machines are very important, they are really only effective against organic material that cause odors. The way they work is they add a 3rd oxygen atom to the air turning the oxygen into ozone,effectively killing the bacteria (through suffocation) that helps cause the odor. Now, they will give you a temporary relief, but like new cars, the smell will have to go away over time on it’s own. I’d look into discreet odor absorbers or something that will give off a neutral scent. If able and weather permitting, keep the windows open as much as possible between guests.


@RajivsResidency @HoxtonPortland Thanks a lot for your kind advise.

usually here we are doing with charcoal and onion placing the particular room with 24 hours.
after 24 hours all furniture to be wiped with air fresheners / scents.

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That’s a good idea… thanks for sharing

@anbazhagan thanks for your advice