Front Office Goals and strategies

Any Idea about defining the goals and strategies of the Front Office Department ? If someone can share few examples it would be great.

I think the goals and strategies of the front office should be based on the hotel’s mission statement and overall goals. For Ex:- one front office goals might be to encourage more Walk-in Guests to stay in the hotel. This goal in turn helps to meet the hotels goal to increase occupancy percentage. A strategy in the other hand is to help accomplish this goal, For Ex:- The front desk staff to improve on their sales presentation by more thoroughly describing the available guest rooms and hotel services.

Other Examples of Front office goals are mentioned below:

  • Complete guest check-in or registration process under 10 Min
  • Complete Guest Check-out under 5 Min.
  • Collect 100 % Guest feedback form from all guests. Etc.

You can also read more about hotel Goals and mission statement on the below link.

Hotel Mission and Goals

Hope this Helps!


Many thanks for your detailed explanation @tin1982