FreetoBook - Hotel Software

Hello Hoteliers,

I have been using this free hotel software from FreeToBook for last 3 years and this has been an amazing experience, I have a very small inventory of 2 cottages and this free hotel software is very helpful if you are looking for a free hotel software to manage your reservation and billing activities.

In my experience there are no hidden charges and the availability or uptime of their software is very good. All the basic features like reservation, billing, rate management, promotions, web booking widget, etc. are absolutely free and they also have add-on services which are chargeable like channel manager, payment gateway etc.

I think this would be good solution for those small hotel owners like mine 1 to 10 rooms who still manages their booking on register to start using a cloud based hotel software like freetobook (

After all at this particular period where we all are having very less or no occupancy this would be right time to invest your time on such new age technologies.

Stay safe and indoor during this time.