Fraternization Policies-Employee/Guest

I am looking for a detailed Fraternization Policy that not only covers Team Members to Team Members but Team Members and guest on and off the property. Does anyone have any suggestions

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Is this some kind of code of conduct or do’s and don’ts for the employees on and off the hotel premises?

@inntrainin Hi,

Sample House Rules for Employees:

Strict enforcement of these policies will help protect the employees and ensure that the hotel runs in an efficient manner. Listed below are some of the violations which may result in immediate suspension or terminations, at the final discrimination of the hotel management.

  • Being discourteous, rude, insubordinate, or using abusive language to a guest or fellow employee.
  • Fighting, stealing, unauthorised possession of hotel property or gambling on hotel premises.
  • Unauthorised use of alcohol, possession, use or appearance of being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, intoxicants, or other substances prohibited by law, or the abuse of medication whether obtained legally or illegally while on hotel premises.
  • Possession of lethal weapons or other items prohibited by law while on hotel premises.
  • Indecent, immoral or disorderly conduct in the hotel, including willfull destruction of property and failure to follow safety procedures.
  • Falsification of work or time records, reports or guest checks.
  • Being in an unauthorised area of the hotel while working or in a non-public area of the building after hours without prior permission from your department head.
  • Socialising with guests on hotel premises.
  • Removing anything from the hotel premises.
  • Sleeping while on duty.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: