Food Cost meaning formula

What is food costing is there is any formula to calculate food costing.

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There are no hidden secrets in food cost, it’s just simple mats :slight_smile:

First of you got to get the actual food cost ie the money you spend for the product you use.

And then you got your cost% everybody is talking about, the relation between money spend(purchasing) and money made(the Bill)

Cost divided by revenue gives you a cost%.

Target of cost % depends on your operation, concepts, location, guest profile and so on, usually set by the big boys touring budget meetings.

Run a few recipes trough and you will get the hang of it rather quickly. However it is easy to know your cost, the tricky part is to stay on top of it and to move it.

Unless you can control purchasing as well as sales you will not be able to control it.

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Hi @nyc_tube find below sample menu which also has a food cost calculation and breakup.

WHITE GRAVY.xls (34.5 KB)

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