Facilitating Guests Isolation For COVID 19 In Hotels

Facilitating Guests Isolation For COVID 19 In Hotels

  • When a guest advises you, or your hotel team that they are displaying symptoms they should be isolated immediately.

  • As soon as the guest advises about the COVID 19 symptoms to any staff members, he/she should inform hotel management immediately.

  • The hotel management will identify an area in the hotel where your guests may stay either dedicate an entire floor or a separate wing.

  • Make sure that the isolated guests are not to engage with other guests or have any visitors.

  • The Hotel Management Should inform the local health authority about the incident.

  • Details such as the Guest Name, Nationality, Arrived from, Check-in Date etc. and other details to be shared with the health officials.

  • Based on the protocol or standards set by the hotel management, the staff should deliver food and other supplies that the isolated guest may require.

  • Supplying isolated guests with a surgical mask to wear if room service and housekeeping services are provided.

  • Even though it may not be mandatory to wear a mask when the guest is inside the room, but when the guest interacts with staff or medical team or go out to seek medical care wearing of a mask is mandatory.

  • Isolated guests are not to use hotel public areas or any facilities, such as restaurants, cafes, pools, gymnasiums and business centres.

  • Limit contact between staff and other guests with isolated guests.

  • Guests in isolation should not leave their room for any reason until cleared by medical professionals.

  • Only staff members required to provide services should have contact with isolated guests.

  • These staff members should minimise contact as much as possible with isolated guests, staying a minimum of 2m from the guest and avoiding contact with the guest.

  • When cleaning the room make sure to clean intercom phones and remotes with disinfectant.

  • Clean the toilets and room floor with rich alkaline mixed liquids.

  • Manage separately, if you found any suspicious guest’s laundry/room linen.

  • When cleaning, staff should minimise the risk of being infected with coronavirus by wearing gloves and using alcohol-based hand sanitiser before and after wearing gloves.

Attention: Always refer to the latest Guidelines from WHO - World Health Organization or Local Health Authorities before formulating your hotel’s strategies related to COVID 19: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

Some Useful Guidelines for Each Hotel Departments


  • Verify sanitizer concentration for each meal period.
  • Wash and sanitize hands with disinfectant in fixed frequency. Bell or an alarm in every 30 min is advisable.
  • Clean raw materials thoroughly.
  • Wash, rinse and sanitize all food contact surfaces of all equipment.
  • Make sure that the food waste stored in rodent and insect proof containers.
  • Use hand gloves in dishwashing section is mandatory.

Ayurveda Centre/ Spa

  • Clean and sanitize massage/ spa tables after each treatment procedure.
  • Follow the above-said procedures in other departments.

Public Areas

  • Ensure you disinfect or wash your hands before and after putting your gloves on
  • Ensure all high touch surface is cleaned regularly, including handrails, lift buttons, public areas toilets and door handles.
  • Ensure you wash your hands between each task
  • Ensure hand sanitiser is topped up and empty bottles replaced regularly
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before breaks, especially meal breaks


  • Ensure you disinfect or wash your hands before and after putting your gloves on
  • Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly and put on fresh gloves before entering a guest room
  • Do not touch any guest room surfaces without gloves on, including linen, bathroom amenities and guest possessions
  • Ensure you clean rigorously to your hotel’s processes and standards
  • Ensure hand sanitiser is topped up and empty bottles replaced regularly
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before breaks, especially meal breaks

Food and Beverage Service

  • Don’t reuse table linen.
  • Don’t interact with guest in close distance. keep 1m distance minimum.
  • Keep away the menu cards. Order by mouth.
  • Sanitize the cover area after each food service.
  • Don’t entertain room guest in Restaurants, Room service is advisable.
  • Wash all the cutleries and crockeries in soap water and sterilize after every use.
  • Avoid group reservations.
  • Don’t entertain any parties/conferences/meeting in your premises.
  • No buffet services.
  • Ensure you always wash your hands thoroughly before and after breaks
  • Ensure you are vigilant in not touching your face after contact with glasses and crockery handled by guests
  • Ensure you maintain a safe distance of more than 1.5m with guests, particularly if they are coughing or sneezing.

Front Office

  • Supply disinfectant solutions to all for every movement at entry door. (Guest and staff)
  • Confirm the guest’s nationality and enquire whether they have any health problems.
  • Inform the Control room, if they show any symptom of COVID-19
  • Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly before your shift and between breaks, especially meal breaks
  • Ensure you maintain an adequate supply of hand sanitiser behind the reception
  • Ensure you sanitise your hands between contact with each guest, including handling of credit cards, registration forms and luggage

Administration and Management

  • Maintain separate logbook for COVID -19 in every department and verify periodically.
  • Avoid contact with other people, such as hand-shaking.
  • Avoid close contact in meetings, or avoid meetings altogether where possible.
  • Remain at least 2m from others, including your colleagues.
  • Wash your hands between meetings and avoid touching your face, especially your nose and mouth.