F&B monthly training sheet with minutes

our training department is asking to submit minutes of weekly departmental training

whats an ideal time to take training , pls suggest what topics can be mentioned for on the job training or just theory class will do.


You may ask ur training dept to send a format for departmental training. Templates are available online, u may find this in setupmyhotel.com or u can search in google

Topics for on the job training are

  1. Menu knowledge - ur restaurant / coffeeshop
  2. Table set up
  3. Service sequence
  4. Types of beverage u serve
  5. Your liquor/wine collection
  6. Banquet set up details
  7. Telephone etiquette
  8. Your company profile/owner details etc.

You can do this as a class and also on the job,
u can conduct the exam on weekly basis for 20 marks 10 questions and make a report and send to training dept. :+1: